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Helpful essay writing ideas: defining your audience

If you are among those who find writing difficult and if you are among those who find putting their thoughts and opinions in academic writing to be almost impossible, then you most likely simply need some simple tips and tricks on how to make the most of your writing pieces. The truth is that once you get used to the norms academic writing has and once you get used to certain structures and techniques, you will find it much easier to write better essays and papers and you will be able to deliver them in a higher quality.

Essays are not easy to write, although it may wrongly appear so to many of the people out there. The truth is that you can very easily fall into the trap of writing something that lacks arguments or that is simply too informal when it comes to essays and that you will have to find the perfect balance between simply “expressing your opinions” and the “formal academic writing style”.

One of the things you may not have thought of doing until now is to define your audience. Although you may be familiar with the concept, you may have never tried it when writing an essay and that may be exactly what is missing from your essays. Defining your audience is important for a number of reasons and the most important ones are the following:

  • It will give you a clearer idea of how to put your arguments and it will help you find better arguments
  • It will give you a better structure of your essay
  • It will allow you to mold the essay for a particular type of reader, so that he/she enjoys reading it
  • It will help you avoid drifting away from your main focus
  • It will help you avoid using the wrong writing tone

To define your audience, start by thinking what your essay is about. Furthermore, think of the clear opinion you want to express with this essay. Most likely, your target audience will be comprised out of those people who are not of the same opinion or who simply do not have an opinion because they are not familiar with the subject. Furthermore, think of who these people are: their age, their lifestyle, their personal opinions, etc. This will allow you to find exactly those arguments that can “go to their hearts convince them to have the same opinion as you (or at least acknowledge the fact that your opinion is legit).

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