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Never buy research papers from untrusted sources

There are many websites on the internet that allow students to pay for the service of someone writing a research paper for them. These websites not only can get the student in trouble with the school if they are caught, but these sites can be untrustworthy.


The number one risk with sites that offer to pay for paper writing services is plagiarism. Since these sites mass produce papers within a limited time, many times the papers are plagiarized either by recycling past papers and especially over the internet it is easy for professors and teachers to search and find plagiarism in papers. Buying papers at all is considered plagiarism in itself because the definition of plagiarism is “claiming work that is not your own”.There is also a considerable amount of software available for detecting plagiarism. Many times writers will copy parts of papers and use them for others which makes it easier for the software to detect plagiarism.

Low Quality work

These sites can also produce low quality work. Since there is no proof of credentials for writers on these sites, the quality of these papers are usually rushed and low quality. They may also be made by non credible writers who have no knowledge or experience in writing papers or the subject you are writing about. The sources used could also be fake or at the least unreliable. The papers also won't match the parameters of the assignment most of the time as professors will usually put specific guidelines and rules in place to prevent cheating. These papers also won't have the students voice and style of writing and therefore could raise the suspicion of the teacher or professor if the style or voice varies greatly from the students other work. The quality of a paper written by the student is probably better than the quality of the paper they could buy. Doing the work assures they will not be punished and they will save their money on these expensive paper.


Buying research papers from research paper writing agencies can increase a student's chance of being caught plagiarizing and also produces low quality work that might not gain a passing grade. These sites are untrustworthy. The papers might contain fake sources and might be written by people with know previous experience or knowledge. The risk of expulsion or low grades do not outweigh writing a unique paper honestly.

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