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Essay writing help: how to conclude your paper

Make Sure you Know What Your Essay Says

Before you can conclude your paper, you need to carefully re-read your work, jotting down the salient points that you feel you have made. Your essay will have evolved through the writing process, and you must not assume that you know what it says!

Make Sure Your First Sentence Tells Your Reader What You Think The Essay Has Done

You need to let your reader know precisely where you think you have taken them. Doing this, the reader will implicitly be taken with you, and will see the essay from your perspective. E.g.: ‘in this essay I have demonstrated that X is the case’. In short, this can be a mini introduction, or, thesis statement.

Address Each Point In Turn

Keeping the above point in mind, demonstrate how you feel you have accomplished your stated aim: ‘in order to reach X, as we have seen, I showed that A was the case, and that this led to B, through which we arrived at …’ A nice, easy recap for your reader.

Suggest Future Study

Explore some of the ways that you foresee future exploration in this field. Do you feel, for example, that the evidence that you have provided, the theme that you have identified, can be applied to other areas, to other thinkers, to other problems?

Draw Wider Concerns From This

Your essay will address one or two points, in detail, and will occasionally make extrapolations about the wider field. In your conclusion, you can start to think about the ways that the points that you have made can be seen as having a wider scope than, say, one particular philosophical idea, one mathematical problem, or one poem or novel.

Enigmatic Final Sentence

Try to finish on a rhetorical flourish, to show your reader your flair for writing. This is one place where you can really be creative, with one sentence which says, ‘hey, look at how my imagination can take off from this fine piece of academic work!’

Re-Write Your Introduction

When you write your introduction, it is at the point that the thing being introduced does not yet exist. Now that it is here, now you have given birth to it, you need to carefully re-craft the introduction, with the now extant conclusion in mind.

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