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How To Write A Strong Research Paper Abstract Introduction

When you write a research paper, you want to bring new and useful information. It’s pointless to write about something common, dull, because this will not benefit you or your classmates. The introduction of the paper is one of the additional elements that can make a difference in front of your professor. It is not always required, but it’s good to write it even if it was not specifically asked. You should write it after you finished your principal essay, because only then you will know everything that needs to be introduced in this text. Follow these guidelines to write a strong introduction:

  • The introduction is supposed to let the reader know the reasons behind your research paper. Are you personally interested in this matter or are there any recent events connected to it? This information is usually interesting for other people, and it gives you the chance to explain why you chose this specific topic.
  • Introduce the major points of your text. This is one of the reasons why this piece should be written at the end. You have to make sure that you did not forget anything that is vital for the text. Also, do not add any information that is not specifically mentioned in the principal paper.
  • Keep it short. I know it’s difficult to summarize such a big volume of information in only a few paragraphs, but it is one important requirement to follow. Even if it does not have a specific number of words, it is not recommended to write more than two or three paragraphs. If it’s too long, nobody will bother to read it because they can jump directly to the principal piece. Keep away any unnecessary details, or the terms that need explanation. You have plenty of space to use them in the research paper.
  • Do not introduce any quotations or references in this part. No matter how important they are, they do not belong here. They will just take a lot of space, without providing too much information.
  • Mention the hypothesis. Since you are starting your entire research paper with a hypothesis that you have to prove, this has to be clearly stated in the introduction. Also, you might want to say some of the research methods that you’ve used, but without going into too much detail.

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