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Vital stages of the literature search for your research paper

How to search for literary resources for research purposes is a skill that is honed when you’ve done it over and over again. In college you’ll get to do this a lot so you may as well get used to it. If you’re a beginner, or if you’ve struggle with this part of your studies before, here are a few pointers that form an important part of this crucial aspect of your college life.

Widen your spectrum

Don’t be too sluggish to read up about your topic. Books, articles and other research papers are rich with resources that will give you a broader perspective on your paper. Sometimes reading up on subjects that are closely related to the topic at hand is a great way to gain a wider viewpoint that will enrich your own writing.

Two heads are better than one

If at all possible, never try to answer a question with just one source. Having another source to confirm the first is the best way to be sure that the opinion or finding is of good repute. Don’t hesitate to get multiple perspectives on any single question. The more angles you can see, the more your paper will burst with significance.

Keywords are key

Make a note of the keywords that pertain to your topic and utilize these when doing online searches for information. Never have any less than four or five keywords or sentences. Phrasing the words in different ways will also give you various results so don’t be afraid to use this strategy to its full potential.

Info mining

Dig, dig and dig some more. The information age is teeming with data that can help you, but it doesn’t always present itself without a bit of effort. If you struggle to find what you’re looking for, don’t give up too easily. Keep digging until your search presents exactly what you need.

Eat, sleep and shower with your notebook

Your notebook should never leave your side, even when you’re out and about doing daily tasks that seem to have nothing to do with your subject. Marinating in your topic of research is going to have an effect on the way you think and see things, so your extracurricular activities will invariably highlight certain aspects of your studies when you least expect it. Don’t trust yourself to remember stuff; WRITE IT DOWN!

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