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What Are the Good Topics for a College Research Paper in Physics

Physics students have hundreds of options to choose from when they are looking for a good research paper topic. There are so many of them, in fact, that it may be difficult to pick just one. If you feel overwhelmed about this assignment, study the following list of prompts. One of them may provide the inspiration you need.

  1. Movies and friction.
  2. There are many movie scenes where an actor slides down some kind of slope. Look into them from a physicist’s point of view and analyze them. Explain the causes and effects of friction and develop an impressive presentation in order to draw more attention to your research.

  3. Experiments with reflections.
  4. Optics is an extremely interesting subject, and experiments with reflections are rather easy. This means that every student will be able to write a good paper on this topic. This is a perfect solution for those who are running a bit behind the schedule and need to create an essay quickly.

  5. Deflector shields from Star Wars: Are they possible?
  6. Apply your physics knowledge to the movie’s special effects and determine whether technology like this can exist. If so, how will it work?

  7. Colonization of Mars.
  8. Look into the most recent reports from NASA and offer your ideas on the possibility of building human dwellings on Mars. How can people survive on this planet? What will it take to build a colony on Mars?

  9. Lightning: a new alternative energy source.
  10. Explain how the power of lightning can be harvested and used. Can this help solve the problem of energy deficiency and environmental pollution? What areas will benefit the most from using this particular natural resource?

  11. Can people turn invisible?
  12. This paper should focus on the ways people can use to avoid detection by cameras. Is it even possible to become invisible to digital surveillance devices?

  13. Could the Noah’s Arc have existed?
  14. Take the information from the book of Genesis and calculate whether it’s possible to build a vessel like this and successfully sail it.

  15. What if the Moon really was a piece of cheese?
  16. Assess the density of cheese (choose one particular type for your experiments) and determine what would happen to it in space. How will this affect Earth?

  17. Do langoliers exist?
  18. Study the novel by Stephen King and determine whether the creatures that feed on the past can exist. Is it possible for people to fall through a crack in space and travel back in time?

  19. The most significant discovery in physics in the 21st century.

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