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10 hot topics for biology research papers

Biology research papers can open up new and interesting concepts. While this subject matter explores complex matters surrounding living things, it is a chance to make not so attractive subject matters look more interesting. You can choose to write about things people make lack understanding with. You can also consider subject areas you have become an expert in. The following 10 topic ideas can help you get started in finding something intriguing to research.

  1. Understanding how DNA works. What components are in the blood that distinguishes DNA cells? How is it used to help solve crimes?
  2. How are blood types different from one another? How many different blood types are there and how is each one different? Why is the same blood type necessary for blood transfusions and organ transplants?
  3. Early discoveries of what the brain does for the body. How brain activity was first discovered? Who discovered the first brain tumor? How do brain cells turn into tumors? How does technology play a role in understanding brain development?
  4. How does a baby evolve from just a sperm and egg in the uterus? Why have babies been born with multiple limbs or attached to another baby?
  5. How do nutrients in food help muscles develop? What nutrients must muscles have in order to strengthen? What are nutrients the human body can produce that are reproduced by big companies?
  6. What are differences between animal and human cells? Do these factors play a role in why animals are used to test medicines? What other animals besides monkeys share similar characteristics as humans?
  7. Is cloning something we should continue to explore? What are the benefits of cloning? Who and/or what was the first living thing that was cloned? Does cloning offer medical benefits? What have government officials said regarding cloning (is there much support for it or should it be banned)?
  8. Why do people want to be frozen after they die? What happens to the body when a person dies?
  9. Does climate change effect how people develop? Why does the body get uncomfortable when temperatures are too hot or too cold?
  10. Unknown connections between humans and monkeys. For years monkeys and humans have been studied because of their similarities. What are differences people may not be aware of? How have monkeys and humans evolved into similar beings?

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