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Looking For Checked Examples Of Research Papers In The MLA Format

Research papers will sometimes be required to have a certain type of format. The Modern Language Association (MLA) is one that is used frequently at the high school level. Students are asked to write in this particular style, but may have no idea of what to do. It helps when there are some examples available. It is even better when these have been checked, so they are 100% accurate. There are places where you can find some research papers which have been done in the MLA format and they are not that difficult to discover.

  • Departmental Websites. Your department may have a website that includes samples of the MLA format. They also may have directions and how to set up the format for your paper.
  • Writing Guides and Aids. Publishing companies do more than just print textbooks. They also provide writing guides which can show examples of the MLA format. Some students may be a little bit hesitant about buying one of these from the school bookstore. You probably can find one at any discount bookstore at a very reasonable price.
  • Writing Websites. There are websites whose purpose is to instruct people on the proper way to write research papers. Guidance on formats can be found on these platforms and these can include any number of checked examples.
  • The School Library. Many times there are copies which are kept on file in the library. All it takes is asking the librarian a simple question about whether or not there any research papers in the stacks.
  • Your Teacher. It should not be any surprise that the person at the front of the class may have copies of checked papers for your inspection. Just as with the librarian it takes asking the question, and you should not be shy.

Having to do things in a particular format may seem to be a pain but you have to do it. Departments have their reasons for asking students to use the MLA format. You may think of it as part of a writing discipline which helps you get used to a style required for later research work. The penalty for not using the right format is going to vary from department to department. At the very least, you risk getting a lower grade and you might just have your paper handed back to you as incomplete. Rather than risk having either happened you should look around for some checked examples of the MLA format. Knowing how to do it is going to save you a lot of time and trouble.

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