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How to write a reflective essay?

Writing reflective essays can be a great exercise for people interested in improving their critical thinking. The main thing that you need to know before you start writing this essay is what you will be reflecting on. If this aspect is not clear in your head, then you will be rambling and losing your ideas throughout the entire writing session. Writing a reflection essay is similar to writing in a journal; you think about a certain concept or idea and start expressing your feelings and views towards it. The subject of your reflection essay can be anything, from a movie, song or book to the quintessential reasons for human existence.

How to start?

After you decided upon a certain topic, you should ask yourself a couple of questions which are destined to help you get a clearer perspective on the subject. Think about your feelings regarding the chosen topic and consider if you are directly affected by it. These questions should be personal because in a reflective essay you are supposed to express your own thoughts and opinions regarding the chosen topic, and through these questions you will know from where to start.

The writing process

After answering all those questions as honestly as possible, you should start writing the answers. Take each of the answers you gave and summarize them in a couple of coherent sentences, which are supposed to grasp your entire idea. You should not write all the things that you think about, because they will be incoherent and difficult to understand and follow. Each concept of yours should be expressed in as fewer sentences as possible and all your ideas should be backed by logical arguments. These arguments can be of a personal nature, but they have to be reasonable.

Reviewing the reflective essay

Once you have expressed all your thoughts in the best way possible, you need to read the essay and consider what you wrote there. Think again about your answers to the personal questions and, while looking at your detailed descriptions, think if these are the truthful feeling that you are having towards this topic. The most important thing about a reflective essay is the honesty of the thoughts expressed there. If you are not truthful, then those are not your personal reflections towards a topic but a version of what you think other people might like to read about that topic, and that is not a reflective essay.

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