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Acid Rain Cause and Effect Essay Example

Acid rain refers to rain water that has a pH level below 5.6. It has been identified as one of the major causes of environmental pollution in the world today. There are different domestic and industrial factors that cause acid rain. This paper will discuss some of the causes and effects of acid rain.

The major cause of acid rain is contamination by toxic gases found in the atmosphere. These gases include Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and oxides of metal such as zinc, copper and nickel. Most of these contaminant gases are released as a waste product of various industrial processes. Popular transportation means such as motor vehicles and trains are another leading source of contaminant gases that cause acid rain. Exhaust fumes from these vehicles contribute to forty three percent of pollutant gases in the atmosphere. Acid rain is also formed from natural sources such as erupting volcanoes, which release smoke containing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Acid rain has numerous harmful effects to human beings and the environment. The first effect is that it alters the natural pH of soil, making difficult to carry out agricultural activities in these areas. Crops require a certain pH value for optimal growth, and any alteration in this value could result in poor harvests. Another negative effect of acid rain as the damage it causes to buildings, bridges and vehicles. The acidic nature of this rain water causes corrosion of vehicles and buildings exposed to it and could eventually lead to collapse of buildings and bridges. In addition to these effects, acid rain negatively affects the health of individuals. Breathing in particles from acid rain has been known to cause and aggravate asthma and other illnesses that affect the lungs.

In conclusion, the paper has shown that acid rain is extremely harmful to people and the environment. It has, however, been shown that most causes of acid rain are man-made and can be avoided. Every individual and industry must make an effort to decrease the emanation of toxic gases into the atmosphere, to decrease the occurrence of acid rain.

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