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Research Paper Writing Tips: The Right Way Of Introducing Quotes

Quoting the right way is important. The right quote can add spice, be interesting, be thoughtful, create thinking, be effective, build support, and give respect to your paper. Quoting the wrong way, can make your paper look very amateurish. Here are some tips and advice to help you introduce quotes the right way.

  1. Introduce your quotes: A quote never just appears out of thin air. You have to inform your reader and introduce the quote properly. Write some kind of information about the quote that is needed. Name the author, give some of his credentials, and give the reader a summary. You don’t have to write everything down, but you should write the author’s name. Example:
    • Mister James Smith says, “And whatever Mister James Smith said.”
    • James Smith Writes, “whatever it is James Smith wrote.”
  2. Talk about your quotes: the golden rule is to remember the quotations are not to substitute your words. They’re there to support your own points and ideas. Don’t just quote someone and leave it as it is. The readers are not mind readers. What does the quote mean? How does it relate to your idea or point? Use quotations like an example. Talk about them and use them to fit and help your paper. Examples:
    • Clearly this statement shows
    • This tells us that
    • what we learned from this is that
  3. Use different ways to introduce your quotes: choose a quotation verb that fits your purpose more precisely. Some verbs help the reader see your point of view. An introductory phrase helps as well. Examples:
    • Says
    • informs
    • alleges
    • notes
    • writes
    • observes
    • remarks
    • adds
    • declares
    • informs us
    • claims
    • states
    • comments
    • thinks
    • affirms
    • asserts
    • explains
    • argues
  4. Leave out words: sometimes less is more. Leave out some words to shorten your quotation.
  5. Use MLA Citation Style: it’s very simple to do. The in-text citation is the author's last name followed by a page number.

Quoting the right way can save you lots of time and make your paper look as professional as possible. But always remember that quoting is not a substitute for your own words. Use them wisely, and they will be a great resource. Using quotes unwisely can lead to many problems and make your paper look sloppy and weak.

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