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9 Proven Environmental Science Research Paper Topics

Choosing the right topic is not an easy task. As a student you are under pressures to please your parents with good grades and teachers with great work that they can grade well, while society wants you to be a social butterfly and your friends want to hang out. So when it comes to choosing a topic for the environmental science research paper, there is pressure to choose the right one that will make all those parts of your life happy.


  1. Comparing and contrasting oil resources and renewable energy sources.
  2. What are the effects of pesticides on the environment?
  3. What are some of the reasons that more animals are ending ups on the endangered species list?
  4. Compare and contrast how two countries legislate for the environment protection.
  5. How will alternative energy sources impact the environment?
  6. How is the climate changing?  
  7. How does efficient energy use better the environment?
  8. Compare and contrast efficient energy use and renewable energy.
  9. How does overpopulation impact the environment?

These nine topics are proven topics can make a great paper. These topics are thought provoking and interesting. When you research these topics and find concrete sources, you will able to breeze through the research paper.  

Other Tips for Writing a Research Paper

  • Answer a question
  • If you answer the following questions then you have a quick and easy outline for a paper, no matter what topic you are writing about. Now these question are a one-size-fits-all, so adjust them and adapt them as need be. The problem might not be the right question each time; it might be an effect or impact.

    • What is the problem?
    • Who caused the problem?
    • When did the problem occur?
    • Why did it become a problem?
    • Where does the problem cause the most damage?
    • How can the problem be fixed?
  • Plan Ahead
  • The student knows that this paper is coming up the pipeline, and it can’t be something that is thrown together. The writer needs to plan out what he or she will be writing about, take notes from research and create outlines, timetables and deadlines. Having a well-planned paper will lead to a well-written paper.

  • Practice
  • If you practice writing daily, you will find your skill level of writing will improve. You will begin to mature in your writing, which means when you write the final draft of your marketing dissertation, your skill will have increased.

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