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Development of a MATLAB simulation environment

A MATLAB is a language used for technical computing that integrates programming, visualization and computation in a way that can solve problems. This forms a system that allows people to solve technical computing problems, within a short period of time. The word MATLAB refers to matrix laboratory. The EISPACK and LINPACK projects used it when developing matrix software. MATLAB has changed overtime because of various inputs from users. For instance, in university environments, MATLAB has become a standard instructional tool for introducing and advancing courses in engineering, science, and mathematics. In industry, it has become a tool for conducting high productivity research, making analysis and improving development.

MATLAB is one of the application-specific solutions called toolboxes. These tools allow MATLAB users to learn and apply specific technology. The toolboxes are also inclusive collections of MATLAB functions that help in solving certain classes of problems. However, the toolboxes are available in several areas. They include signal processing, neural networks, control system, simulation, wavelets, and many others.

The simulation environment is responsible of verifying and designing real-time system. It can fit in the MATLA’s system and form scientific calculation program. In math works, this program is useful in dealing with model-based design and multidomain simulation. It can also support generation of automatic code, designing of system- level, and testing of embedded systems.

According to, the MATLAB system consists of several parts. These parts make the simulation environment compatible with the MATLAB system. The first part is MATLAB language. It consists of control flow statements, data structures, functions, and object- oriented features for programming. The second part is the MATLAB working environment. It forms a set of facilities and tools used by MATLAB programmers and users. It also consists of facilities used to manage the variables, and to import and export data in workplace. The third part is handle graphics which forms the MATLAB graphics system. It consists of high-level commands for data visualization, animation, presentation graphics, and image processing using two and three-dimensions. The fourth one is MATLAB mathematical function library. It consists of a wide collection of computational algorithms. They range from elementary functions like sine, sum, complex arithmetic, and cosine, to more complex functions like, matrix eigenvalues, matrix inverse, and Bessel functions. The last one is MATLAB application program interface. It allows people to write fortran programs that cooperate with MATLAB.

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