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How To Make A Research Paper Title Page In The MLA Format: 8 Basic Tips

Usually, the MLA (Modern Language Association) format doesn’t require you to create a title page for your research paper. However, particular teachers or instructors may ask you to do this. Anyway, a document with a cover page looks more professional and completed. Although, your instructors may indicate some specific requirements for formatting your cover page, these basic tips should help you understand the basics:

  1. Choose a font.
  2. First, you should select the appropriate font for your text. Probably, the best option will be to pick Times New Roman. First of all, this font is often used by students and, secondly, italics style of this font is rather different from the regular type, so it’ll be easy for readers to distinguish them. The size of the font should be 12 pt.

  3. Include your university.
  4. The full name of your university should be center aligned and placed at the top of the page. Use the standard font and standard capitalization.

  5. Include your title.
  6. The MLA format requires you to put your title slightly higher than the center of the page and make it center aligned. You should use the standard font, but make it a little bit larger. All the words should be capitalized but not written in all caps.

  7. Include your subtitle.
  8. If your research paper has a subtitle, you should include it too. Place it under the title. Use the standard font. Capitalize all the words.

  9. Include your name.
  10. Go two-thirds of the page to the bottom and write your name. Make it center aligned. You should use the standard font style and size.

  11. Include the course name.
  12. Under your name, you should indicate the name of the course and the section number. Use standard capitalization and standard font size.

  13. Include your professor’s name.
  14. Under the name of the course, you should write the name of your professor or instructor who helped you with your research paper. Don’t forget to mention whether your professor has a doctorate, for example, Dr. Robert Jones. The font size and style should be standard.

  15. Include the date.
  16. Under the name of your professor, you should indicate the date of the submission. The MLA format uses the European style date. This means that you should write the day first, then the month, and finally the year.

These are the basic rules that you should know. However, always consult your instructors or professors to learn about specific details that are demanded by your college or university.

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