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How To Write A Research Paper: Step By Step Drafting A Project Proposal 

A draft is the first step to writing any serious text. In fact, it’s impossible to write a flawless paper in one try. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s quite normal. If you have a quickly written first draft of your project proposal research paper, you’ll be able to avoid various awkward and foolish mistakes later on. A draft version can still be edited, while the final version is an official document that will be judged by the committee. In this article, you will read information on how to make a quick step-by-step draft of your project proposal. 

  1. Make a plan of the required elements.
  2. Write down a list of all the necessary points that should be included. Write only the titles of the points and leave some empty space for writing the text of your research paper. You will fill in the blank lines as you progress. 

  3. Prepare the appendices.
  4. Some topics require appendices. It’s good to have them all prepared beforehand, as you will use this material for writing the text. Forget about formatting for the time being, because all amendments will be done later. Speed is what is important now. Just gather all the data and prepare the textual material. Formatting won’t take a lot of time. 

  5. Give a brief outline on each point.
  6. When you are writing a draft, you shouldn’t give too many details. You are supposed to write in short sentences, including only the most vital information for each point. When you have the whole text done, you can start reviewing, editing, and adding details. Your goal now is simply to obtain a raw text in the shortest possible time frame. 

  7. Use simple constructions.
  8. A draft version of the text doesn’t require any complex constructions or fancy words. It’s just a sketch of your future work. Use simple words that can easily convey the sense of the text. At this stage, making the text readable and apprehensible is your key priority. 

  9. Give the text a decent shape.
  10. When you have answered all the points that were stated in your plan, you can start organizing it into a complete draft version. Think about the order of the topics’ appearances within the text. You should check to ensure that you didn’t miss anything. After all the data is unified, follow the formatting demands and make any necessary changes. When this work is done, your draft is nearly ready. Now all you have to do is edit until the text is perfected.  


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