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Creating a shining conclusion of a research paper

Research paper conclusions are basically like any other essay or paper conclusion. Your goal in these last paragraphs is to summarize everything you’ve already said and leave the reader thinking about the most important parts. Here are a few basic tips for a good conclusion:

  1. At the very end, have an inspiring quote or a poignant question
  2. Start your conclusion by rewording the first sentence of your introduction
  3. Tell your conclusion like you’re talking to a friend and using your last, best techniques for convincing them of something
  4. Don’t introduce any new facts or topics in your conclusion
  5. All research except for the finishing quote, should be elsewhere in the paper
  6. Ask questions for the reader to think about later
  7. Reiterate one or two main things that you want the reader to remember above all else, if they get nothing else from your research paper

Formatting a Great Conclusion

So now that you know what makes up a good conclusion, how can you format one? Well, as far as page formatting goes, that will be the same throughout your essay. Things like margin and line spacing are a given because you’ll do them all at once. For the conclusion, you can structure your paragraphs and sentences however you like. Think about the message you’re going to say: it is better in shorter, punchier paragraphs that call attention and leave a big impression, or would it be better in longer, more detailed and precise paragraphs that ensure the information is accurate? You’ll have to make that decision based on what kind of research paper your’ writing, and what your teacher expects from you.

Writing a conclusion for your research paper doesn’t have to be hard. The rest of your essay and research tasks are going to take enough time and effort as it is; your conclusion shouldn’t be another burden. After you’re done the first draft of your paper and have the bulk of the research completed, it’s really a matter of summarizing the same things you just wrote, and following the tips in the above list. When writing your conclusion, try to think about other essays that you’ve read: what last information or impression do you want to leave, and how do you want to change the reader’s perspective? Likely, they’ll remember your last paragraph more than any other in your entire paper.

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