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Good English Research Paper Topics: Discovering Unknown Literature Pieces Of Famous Authors

English literature is a very old and very well-studied field of research; that means that there is a great deal to study, but also that there are a great many people studying it, and that there have been so for a long time. This makes it pretty hard to come up with new and interesting research paper topics, particularly on well-known authors. But, there are a number of ways to discover novel approaches to old subjects. Here are a few of the ways:

  • Lesser Known Artists
  • There are always a few very well-known writers in any given period. In the Romantic period, for example, there are Coleridge and Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats and Byron. Everyone is always talking and writing about these. But, a good poetry anthology will tell you about lesser known writers of the same period. These can be a good starting point for original research papers.

  • Lesser Known Pieces
  • In some cases, some famous writers are famous for a very few works, even though they have written many. If you can find a lesser known work, that seems to have connections with the stronger pieces, then a research paper on these can be a valuable addition to scholarship in the area of study. Try to discuss them in line with the better known works; there is a reason that some works are not very much discussed!

  • Revisiting the Past
  • Another way to find new research topics is to look at older books on well-known writers, and to think about whether what that book says of a writer is still relevant. If it is not, then re-writing, addressing why the view of that book or that writer has changed can make for a fascinating study.

  • Looking to the Future
  • Another way to find novel research paper topic in English is to write on contemporary authors. There is likely to be little or no scholarship on writers writing today, but some of them will be the Pynchon’s and Hardy’s of the future. So, get in there early!

So, there are many ways to find interesting and original research paper topics in English. Try all of the above, and this will also give you knowledge of the subject at the same time!

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