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Benefits and Importance’s of Workplace Counseling to Organizations

There are a number of benefits of workplace counseling systems in organizations towards the performance levels of employees as well as towards the increase of productivity levels in organizations. For example, the use of psychological counseling strategies can be used and applied in organizations in order to solve and reduce employee’s problems in their workplace. This is because psychological counseling mostly promotes understanding of the employee’s needs and expectations through the use of effective communication procedures. The use of proper counseling approaches in the organization also results into high employees understanding between themselves in the organization thus allowing them to aim at achieving the organization goals and objectives. The use of proper workplace counseling will also improve moral values in the firm, improve management of human resources as well as create comfortable working environment in the organization. In most cases, the main aim of workplace counseling is to help employees to solve their problems in the organization in order to increase their levels of performance in the firm. This is because workplace counseling in organizations mostly allows managers to assess the job performance of the employees in order to evaluate the productive levels of the employees. This may also involve the analysis of the problems that employees are very likely to face in the organization and how to prevent them in the firm.

According to various psychological research publications, employee counseling services and approaches are mostly divided into two categories including those dealing the employee personal problems as well as those dealing the employee career development systems. The employee personal counseling procedures mostly focus on their mental and physical aspects that may affect their job performance in the organization. The career development and growth counseling systems in the organization mostly deal with the employee training procedures, employee counseling training approaches as well as other human resource development plans in the organization.

There are various personal problems that mostly face employees in the organization including depressions, anxiety, financial problems, and marital problems as well as other problems dealing with drug and alcohol abuse among various employees in the organizations. This usually affects employees rate of job performance as this mostly lead to high employees absenteeism levels. Lack of proper counseling approaches in the organization can also results into majority of employees requesting for sick leave under various conditions and circumstances. In that sense, various organizations in the United Kingdom needs to consider adoption of effective workplace counseling procedures and approaches in order to solve employee’s workplace problems and to increase their levels of job performance as well. This will increase the levels of productivity and profitability margin systems of various organizations in UK.

In United Kingdom, majority of workers and employees usually take more than eight hours in their workplace and this calls for the need of effective workplace counseling procedures in order to reduce employee’s problems in their working environment. Working pressures form one of the problems that mostly face a number of employees in various organizations in UK and the introduction of proper workplace counseling policies and approaches will improve productivity as well as create high levels of employee’s competence in solving various tasks in the organizations. This will also reduce employees stress levels as the firm will adopt various stress management procedures in order to deal with employees work challenges and problems. Workplace counseling procedures and policies in organization will also reduce the levels of employee’s absenteeism, reduce employee’s health care complications and promote workplace pressure management systems in various organizations in UK.

In most cases, employers in various organization and firms are mostly interested towards improvement of the level of performance and productivity systems of their organizations. The use of workplace counseling is one of the methods that are mostly applied by employers in order to promote the levels of happiness among employees in a firm. This is because workplace counseling procedures mostly help in reducing the levels of anxiety and depression of employees in the organization. The use of effective counseling in the organization also promotes proper and good interpersonal relationship between various individuals in the workplace. This will improve the economic use of the human resource systems in the organization leading to high profitability and increase in revenue generation in the organization.

Counseling also promotes how employers and the firm management systems respond towards solving of the employees' problems and challenges in the firm. This is because workplace counseling mostly involves evaluating and exploring of employees' thoughts, feelings as well as behaviors and values in order to promote their understanding and values in the firm. This will promote decision-making process in the organization thus leading to consideration of the employee's needs and values toward various major decision making procedures in the firm.

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