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World Religion Term Paper Ideas – 20 Useful Ideas to Think of

Whether students are majoring in world religion or taking a single class, they will most likely have to write a research paper at some point. An essay on world religion is intended to demonstrate the student's knowledge and understanding of the topic. As such, it generally accounts for a significant portion of their class grade. For students who need help creating a world religion paper, some of the following ideas can help.

  1. Is there a reason within the Jewish faith why the Jewish people have been able to navigate persecution so well over the centuries?
  2. There are some people who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion in modern life. The Qur’an directly conflicts with the pursuit of peace at several points. Is Islam a truly peaceful religion?
  3. Certain religions like Christianity and Islam evangelize frequently, while Taoism and Judaism are notoriously disinclined to conversions. How do different religions compare on the topic of converting new followers?
  4. What influences in Siddhartha's life caused him to become the Buddha.
  5. How do different rites of passage like the Jewish Bar Mitzvah and Catholic confirmation ritual compare?
  6. How has the Catholic Church dealt with the issue of birth control since the 1960s?
  7. What are the views of each religion on the issue of abortion?
  8. What causes a new religion like Mormonism to come into being?
  9. Is Mormonism the only truly American religion?
  10. As humans move from hunter/gather to agricultural communities, how have their religions changed?
  11. Why do some religions outlaw women as priests or preachers? What is the role of women in these congregations?
  12. Are myths like “the Great Flood” found across religions?
  13. How do new religions cannibalize the rituals of past religions? (Such as Saturnalia and Christmas)
  14. What are some of the different mythologies surrounding creation?
  15. Where do different religions say the soul goes after death?
  16. What caused the Protestant Reformation?
  17. Why did Martin Luther decide to split from the Catholic faith?
  18. How did the Gnostic faith differ from modern Christianity?
  19. What are the moral, cultural and religious reasons behind wearing a hijab?
  20. How do the Yoruba practice shamanism?
  21. How does reincarnation work in Hinduism?
  22. What is the role of ritual sacrifice among different religions?
  23. What caused Sikhism to become so fervently against oppression of any variety?
  24. How do different religions deal with the “end of the world”?
  25. How does Pure Land Buddhism purport to reform the Buddhist religion?

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