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5 criminal justice essay topics to avoid

Writing a criminal justice essay topic can be a tricky undertaking, as there are a number of topics that can’t be undertaken without raising the anger and opinions of others. That is because there is a fear in people that one side of the essay argument or the other is going to drastically change society for the worse. Here are five criminal justice essay topics to avoid.

  1. Death Penalty - This could be a positive topic but the problem with using this as a topic for a criminal justice essay is that it lacks originality. Most students in criminal justice have probably contemplated this before they decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. The topic will cause dissention and nobody is going to change their mind. Steer clear of the death penalty and you will have more of an opportunity to have your paper understood, without the prejudice of the reader.
  2. War on Drugs - As society has changed, so has the view of the actual criminality of drug use. The more our society tries to legislate morals, the more money the system is spending on incarcerating criminals who made the moral decision to take drugs. These people need therapy not jail time. There is a movement to actually legalize some of the less dangerous drugs. A law was passed in the city of Portland, Maine this year which makes marijuana legal. The idea is that law enforcement will be able to spend time and resources on more serious issues. This topic should be avoided.
  3. Mandatory sentencing - This means that without any sort of consideration of the facts, the crime a person is convicted of will determine the sentence they will receive. An example would be the three strike policy. It doesn’t matter what the third strike is, significant jail time is going to be the result. This costs society a large sum of money in incarcerating individuals who shouldn’t be in prison. The reason it should be avoided as a topic is that many conservatives are simple black and white thinkers and will never change their minds.
  4. Teenage Justice - When it comes to justice and teenagers, there is a great debate. So much so that they have a totally different justice system. The definition of justice is that one gets what one deserves. Often times in the case of teenagers, a decision that is made in the heat of the moment is going to cost them their freedom for the rest of their life.
  5. Religion and Law - Anytime that religion is involved there is going to be no valuable dialogue or thought. Avoid religious topics at all cost. The law is going to be the same regardless of what your religion is, however there are some very clear exceptions to this problem. All religions should be respected but they shouldn’t gather themselves a number of special privileges.

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