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8 Helpful academic writing advice

In order to ensure that a student writes good academic articles the following should be considered.

  1. The article should not just involve observations on a topic but it should have an argument and it should attempt to answer a few questions or even prove some claim.
  2. There should be references made about where the source of the ideas, facts or literature. For a student to be a good writer and be able to write good academic articles one should observe the following factors.
  3. The student should understand the topic. By having a clear understanding of the topic a student will be able to not just collect facts but also develop and exhibit his or her reasoning ability. The student will also save time and money and avoid frustrations and disappointments resulting from doing the wrong work or writing a different topic from the one that is expected.
  4. The student should learn how to use thesis statements. The statement often comes in the first paragraph of the essay although it is not a requirement for it to appear on there. One fact worth remembering is that a good thesis statement makes a definite assertion that needs to be explained and creates room for further discussion.
  5. An academic essay should have supporting evidence gotten either from primary or secondary data sources. The student should also know how to cite the source from which the literature data was obtained from. This calls for knowing the different referencing types and how to use them.
  6. The student needs to know how to compose and generate ideas on what to write. The student can learn to do this by asking him or herself the purpose for writing about the subject and how they intend to accomplish that objective and start writing. An easy text book formula can be adopted to help one write. This writing process involves;

  7. a. Stating of the thesis

    b. Writing of an outline

    c. Writing the first draft

    d. Revising and polishing the draft to come up with a final draft.

  8. A good essay should have a systematic and logical flow of ideas where the ideas transition from one paragraph to another. Having good transitioning paragraphs often helps to unify unconnected ideas into one instead of appearing as distinct paragraphs. A student can achieve this by mentioning in a paragraph materials from the previous paragraph.
  9. Lastly the student should proofread the article to make sure that it is error free and satisfies the stated requirements. An ideal method is to develop a checklist which will help to identify
  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Paragraph length
  • Transitional links
  • And internal coherence

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